Towne Millwork Ltd.

In the words of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Canada:

"FSC® is an international certification and labeling system that guarantees that the forest products you purchase come from responsibly managed forests and verified recycled sources.
Under FSC® certification, forests are certified against a set of strict environmental and social standards, and fibre from certified forests is tracked all the way to the consumer through the chain of custody certification system. The end result is products in the marketplace carrying the FSC® 'check-tree' logo.
FSC® certification is a voluntary and market-based mechanism for ensuring that our forests are healthy. Consumer demand for FSC® certified products encourages forest managers and owners to become FSC® certified. Independent third-party auditors conduct all FSC® certification audits."

Towne Millwork Ltd is an FSC® Certified Chain of Custody Manufacturer. As an FSC® Certified company, we are part of a chain of forward-thinking companies who are committed to ensuring the wood used in your FSC® certified project comes from a responsibly managed and harvested forest with the most stringent environmental standards. These well-managed forest practices ensure the maintenance and protection of the surrounding rivers, streams, and ecosystems along with the management of the forest itself. Through strict documentation procedures, material segregation practices, and facility inspections we are able to provide our customers with Architectural Wood Products that carry the FSC® 'check-tree' logo and the peace of mind that comes with the FSC® certification.